I always heard your side of story. And considered them truth. But I guess they  were just sugar coated lies. Maybe I was naive and blind to the truth. Or was I too scared to confront the lies?The thing is I was really bad at  confrontation. And damn I didn’t have the guts to confront you. Only if I had mustered up some courage, I wouldn’t have to endure this pain.

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“Do you believe in magic?” she asked.

“Yes. It always amazes me,” He answered honestly.

“This means you believe in love too. Because love is also magic,” She said with curiosity twinkling in her eyes.

“I believe in magic that I have seen and experienced. And love is something I haven’t experienced and never intend to experience,” he said too quickly.

Little did he know that she had unknowingly already casted her spell on him with that doe eyes.