~21 days and forever to go~

 It  been 21 days since you have obliterated me from your life and 21 days of my grieving.  It has been 21 days since you removed me from your heart and 21 days of my heart ache. But baby not anymore since I forever to go. 

You may have forgotten that I’m not the ‘holding on’ type but ‘Letting go’ type. 21 days of crying and wallowing in self – pity was enough right?  Or was it more? Because I’m more than ready to eradicate this broken mess and more than ready to rejuvenate & rejoice my soul.

 I gave up everyone for you and you knew I would be lonely after you’re gone. But don’t worry I’m happy having some ME time. Maybe I will discover myself more than I did with you. 

The misery still pulls me down, the nights still whisper your name. But I know I’ll find a way to make them forget your name. My wishes aren’t yet dead and your attempts to withdraw them were futile. 

Let me tell you something I will continue experimenting with life because baby it’s still 21 days and there’s forever to go.
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